Crazy “feminist” gets two (one) guys fired?

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AdriaRichardsFIREDEvery day, I lose more faith in humanity. An outspoken (apparently non-feminist) blogger, Adria Richards (photo obtained from her Facebook page which is publicly accessible and used as “fair use” and she is a public figure) seems to have just got two (correction: one) people fired and, according to her blog, she’s very proud of it! [UPDATE: SendGrid, the company she represented has terminated her services. See comment from their Facebook Page at bottom in updates section. Karma is a b*tch]

Why? They were making childish geek jokes with a sexual innuendo (about “dongs”) in seats directly behind her at a Tech conference. Did Ms Richards turn and confront these two individuals and ask them to stop? No. Her rational course of action? To take an unsolicited photo, to publicly shame them by posting it on her twitter feed – which surprisingly has over 9,000 followers and then to contact the conference management and request them to deal with it. The irony? After this cowardly action, she seemed to declare herself to be some sort of a hero on her blog, a defender/fighter against the victimization of women. Seriously?

Judging by the comments on her Facebook, twitter and even the Facebook page of the company she apparently works for, SendGrid, it appears she may have bitten off far more than she bargained for with her petty, but life-destroying rant.

According to the information circulating the internet, these men apparently lost their jobs over this. For making jokes about “Dongles” and “Forking Repo’s”. Amusingly, in her blog, she said she couldn’t understand the logic of making the connection between dongles and the word “dong”. I personally can’t understand the logic of this feminist. Oh, yeah – she says she’s not?

“The stuff about the dongles wasn’t even logical and as a self professed nerd, that bothered me. Dongles are intended to be small and unobtrusive.”  she said in her blog. She claims she’s not a feminist. “Methinks” her logic box is defective.

She cited the “Codes of Conduct” for the conference as justification for her actions, but it seems her logic to follow procedure is inept as well as it clearly implies that a warning should be given – Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

Also, she missed this bit under the “attendee procedure for handling harassment” section: Note: Public shaming can be counter-productive to building a strong community. PyCon does not condone nor participate in such actions out of respect.” – You see the last bit? Respect. It’s a two-way street. A respect that I hope you will now be denied as your idiocy is splattered across the internet. UPDATE: Apparently, this clause was added by Pycon in response to her mass shaming of these individuals. So, it’s pretty obvious that PyCon did not condone her behaviour either.

On the other hand, there is also the fact that the code of conduct prohibits harassing photography.

I thought feminists were supposed to be strong willed individuals. When did this change? She defends herself in her blog with: “Women in technology need consistant (sic) messaging from birth through retirement they are welcome, competent and valued in the industry.” - Really? What ever happened to courage meaning “not feeling sorry for yourself”, “not to sweat the little things” and not playing the “victim card” all the time? To have some balls? Oh, wait. What ever happened to: A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itselfthat is true courage.

It appears as if it is becoming the “norm” to play the victim to get your way in our society. The misuse of “respect” is crippling our freedom. Judging by some of the comments on her site and the mass of up-voting and down-voting of certain comments, not many people seem to support her actions, but sadly there are people that agree with her.

She proudly indicates how she feels empowered for her actions. In a comment I made on her blog, I asked her if she realizes that those two men may have been someone’s dad, someones husband and the lives she may have ruined extend further than just them? Was any joke they made worth this? To destroy someone’s life? Yes, it was a work function, but she never even warned them. Not once. Sometimes people make mistakes – should they lose their jobs over it?

In my opinion – you over-reacted. What you should have done? Turned and told them that they were making you uncomfortable and you will be reporting them if they continue. Warned them. That would have been an acceptable, rational response.

If they then continued, perhaps other action could have been taken. You cost people their jobs, perhaps not only caused a man to lose his job, but caused a kid’s dad to lose his job, destroyed a marriage, ruined lives. You were “shaken” by their comments? What type of spineless, pathetic person are you? Good Grief. How absurd.

You seem to think you are brave for acting as you did? What about confronting them directly first instead of getting other people to do it? That’s what strong people do. You could have used the power of the crowd against them just as easy as they assumed their anonymity was protected by it.

Well done. Hope you’re happy. You hero, you.- She moderates each comment , so don’t expect this or any negative comments to be posted any time soon.

When did we become a society that has freedom, but can’t or have watch carefully when we can use it? When did we become a self-governed and inflicted police state? Can’t say anything bad about Muslim’s treatment of their women or covering of their faces or you’re Islamaphobic. Can’t make jokes about different races without being called a racist – even if their intent is not to incite hatred. Can’t make jokes about certain events for fear of being called anti-Semitic or even a rapist.


image deliberately blurred for this site

Poor guys who got fired over Adria Richards comments (obtained from her web-site/twitter feed) – man, they look like a real threat to society, her safety and well-being… not.

Note that she doesn’t actually point out directly who the individuals are on her twitter feed – she goes into details a bit later in her blog – so by publicly posting this, she has made pretty much any of the immediately six or so recognizable faces possible victims here.

Freedom of speech does not permit you the right to not be offended.

One of the comments on her site hit the nail on the head – she used “Politically Correct Extortion” – This is what we are subjected to in our society. It’s a massacre of our freedoms and it really needs to be opposed. This does not help the rights of women. Extremists never help anyone’s rights. Every one in a group just gets labeled as “batsh*t crazy”

It’s so sad and a reflection on the state of the way our society is held to ransom by these people that she is actually proud of what she has done and fights to defend her actions. The fact that she can post comments like this on her blog: “Yesterday the future of programming was on the line…” shows just how delusional she is. The jokes these guys made may have been in bad taste, but to elevate it to essentially a form of abuse and get them fired for it goes beyond comprehension. How anyone can take such an attention-seeking nutter seriously is beyond me.

I support women’s rights. I support the removal of oppression of women under certain religions and preconceived ideals in society about their “place” – for them not to be subservient to men, to have equal opportunity for jobs, to  be respected, but I do not respect extreme Femi-Nazism – which is exactly how I perceive this women to be.

 UPDATE #1: Seems Ms Richards’ web site is experiencing a Denial of Service Attack as it is problematic to visit at the moment. Go, go Anonymous?

UPDATE #2: Checked her twitter and her Facebook page – seriously, people – threatening her with violence? Using racial slurs? What does her ethnicity have to do with her being selfish, being cold-hearted and irresponsible? Threatening someone’s welfare gives the power right back to her and makes her exactly what she wants to be – the victim.

UPDATE #3 – COMMENTS COLLECTED AND ADDED BELOW: Some comments being made – appears she and a tweeter friend were making “penis” jokes in cyberspace quite recently. Seems a bit hypocritical her getting people fired for the same thing? Double standards? Clarification on some other things have come to light too which appears to go towards her tech “coolness” and knowledge. Then again, in my personal opinion, anyone who uses “Evangelical” in a tech job / blog description has far more deep-rooted issues regarding logic. What is she? A tech preacher or a feminist preacher? It’s not just the guys bashing her either – some of the harshest comments are coming from Tech women. Many people calling for her to be fired. Many people revealing details of her personal life (a cat she apparently abandoned) and dragging her character through the mud. Some comments – (NOTE that this site and it’s authors do not condone violence and these comments below are the opinions of the person that wrote them):

“ Forking a repo means building off of someone else’s code. It is not a sex joke. You’re a programmer, you should know that.”

“meh. hypocrite. makes penis jokes to her friend in a public space, then gets all buttsore when two guys are doing it between themselves and she overhears.”

“More women aren’t in Engineering because of women like you not absolutely normal guys like him. I can’t think of any one of my girl or guy friends in engineering that would wan’t to work with a person like you. Feminism only makes women LESS equal. the most sexist person in all of this is YOU! YOU are setting yourself apart. YOU are making yourself be an outcast no one else is doing that but yourself. Women aren’t in Engineering because THEY believe they are different not men. As a women in Civil Engineering and in the construction industry which I believe has even LESS females than the programming industry, I can tell you my reproductive organs have NOT set me apart from ANY men nor impaired me in any way only my brain can do that.” ~ A woman poster

“ Yesterday the future of programming was on the line and I made myself heard. You’re a godd****d hero.”

“I AM WOMYN HEAR ME ROAR… *meanwhile, makes women look like weak, self-victimizing dopes who are completely out of touch with gender relations.* I seriously hope that you’re diagnosed with cancer and have to go through chemo. Then, just as the first smile since being fitted with your new cancer wig graces your face someone knocks it off your head with a crowbar and it lands in a puddle.”

“Let’s not forget she abandoned her cat of 18 years because her new place “didn’t allow pets”. Which, by the by, is bullsh*t. Her place allows pets, with a fee. So basically, she dumped her best friend of 18 years because she didn’t want to pay an extra $200 on a security deposit.”

“Your feelings being slightly made uncomfortable because of an innocent joke between two friends that you overheard is not a reason to ruin their lives.”

“But I would like to know why it’s okay for you to make penis jokes at the same conference, but turn around and nail these guys for an innocuous “dongle” joke. Doesn’t seem fair.”

“Too scared to confront people about a joke – better go behind their back and get them fired? wtf”

“What a pathetic attention wh**e. Not only did you b*tch and moan about a conversation YOU WERE EVESDROPPING ON, you got your tampon in a twist over a joke related to the male member, yet to made a joke with the same subject matter yourself on your twitter feed.

“As a woman I can say this. You handled this WAY wrong. You could’ve pulled them aside and say “Aye bros, this sh*t don’t fly with me. Calm it or at least be weary of who’s around. But at the same time, you made a mountain out of an anthill from what I’ve read. They both just sound like little stupid jokes that only the small group of men would even get. It’s..just one of those things that was really nothing to worry about.”

“I would’ve just laughed along with the joke but apparently someones got a stick up their a$$ and just wants some attention since being a “professional youtuber” doesn’t give em enough lol.” – A woman poster

Dave Hall (14 Mar) @skwashd tweet: I made it to US and A. I’ve received my traditional TSA welcoming – having my nuts fondled. Adria’s response tweet: “@skwashd you should put something in your pants next time…like a bunch of socks inside one…large…sock. TSA agent faint”

“The same woman who makes a joke about a guy needing a bigger package ( gets two guys fired for making a joke between themselves because she overheard it and took it out of context.. Thanks for making many groups feel ashamed about being associated with you for your double standards. Also, a hint. Anatomical jokes are not sexist. They’re anatomical. For someone who thinks they’re smart (trying to use social psychology?) you’d think you’d realize the difference between the two.”

“She called the two guys “A$$ Clowns”. That’s a derogatory slur against h0mosexuals. I think her company needs to know what kind of homophobic employe they have on their hands.”

UPDATE #4 – apparently one guy lost his job. If posts on the internet are to be believed, the guy is a father of three, so it appears I was right about possibly “ruining more than one life” in my comment – which still hasn’t appeared on her blog. Looks like all negative feedback is ignored /or censored. Also, the guy even apologized. 

UPDATE #5 – On the “SendGrid” Facebook page, a comment has been made that her services have been terminated. Currently at over 1,100 likes at their decision. Ironically, people are defending her being fired – probably the same people who were applauding the guys who were fired. 

UPDATE #6 – She apparently has two Facebook profiles – this one Adria.Freda which she has now shut down due to too many bad comments and Adria Richards.

“Effective immediately, SendGrid has terminated the employment of Adria Richards. While we generally are sensitive and confidential with respect to employee matters, the situation has taken on a public nature. We have taken action that we believe is in the overall best interests of SendGrid, its employees, and our customers. As we continue to process the vast amount of information, we will post something more comprehensive.”

UPDATE #7: Images circulating the web pointing towards her making similar juvenile jokes in a public forum, her misguided views on racism, her delusional aspirations of grandeur (comparing herself to Joan of Arc) and her apparent issues with men in general:





UPDATE #8: She really annoyed a lot of people – the comment advising of her dismissal on SendGrid Facebook page is now at over 1,600 likes – the Internet doesn’t stop there either – this was posted on the FACEBOOK feed as well – according to this, she did ditch her cat as she didn’t want to pay the deposit. Some guy created this colourful chart of events: CLICK HERE

UPDATE #9: SendGrid’s response at her dismissal. I agree and support their decision and their reasons given: CLICK HERE

*** E & OE – First Draft – I will probably re-read and correct grammatical and other errors and amend facts as they come in. I tend to make mistakes as I rant and write in one sitting. STILL LOOKING FOR WRITERS + PIX ! Think you’ve got the talent, please pop a mail to – CLICK HERE to read more. Looking for talented people who just like to blog/write, girls who want to post a pic, Interesting You-Tube links, other articles, etc. Tell your friends. Please LIKE & SHARE. Pointless writing if it is not being read!

DISCLAIMER: As some parts of the article was taken from conflicting sources, we will endeavor to amend and update to ensure that it is as accurate as possible. Any inaccuracies are unintentional. Please send a mail to if you have updated information or can offer more clarification regarding this incident. Thank you!

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Adria Richards, a picture chart – The Dilbert Comic is disturbingly prophetic of this event.

NOTE – no comments will be deleted unless they incite hatred or violence, contain homophobic or racist comments. Please feel free to attack the author – I welcome all criticism.

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  1. TurinShroud says:

    Tech evangelist who can’t program. So… is she like an office assistant?

  2. Richard Stallman says:

    She’s a glorified news reporter. Only at PyCon to report news, has a massive 2 contributions to any projects. She only did this to get attention to her website.

  3. Nick Diaz says:

    What the fork did you just forking say about me, you little dongle? Ill have you know I graduated top of my sales class at ITT Tech, and Ive been involved in numerous tech related conferences, and I have over 300 confirmed complaints filed on my fellow coworkers. I am trained in feminist ideology and I’m the best forker in the entire tech sales division. You are nothing to me but just another oppressor . I will wipe you the fork out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my forking words. You think you can get away with saying dong like that to me over the Internet? Think again, forker. As we speak I am contacting my network of feminist and your job is being being taken right now so you better prepare for the storm, dongle. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing ****************. You’re forking ****, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can have you sent to HR in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with tweets. Not only am I extensively trained in ethical workplace conduct , but I have access to the entire arsenal of the SRS and feminist movement and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable dongle off the face of the continent, you little dong. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your clever? joke was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your forking tongue. But you couldn?t, you didn?t, and now your paying the price, you g*ddongling idiot. I will fork dongle all over you and you will drown in it. Your ****** ******, kiddo.

    Removed three lines that could be perceived as death threat – even though I understand it was said in jest. Please be cautious!

  4. theWocky says:

    From the SendGrid Facebook page: Effective immediately, SendGrid has terminated the employment of Adria Richards. While we generally are sensitive and confidential with respect to employee matters, the situation has taken on a public nature. We have taken action that we believe is in the overall best interests of SendGrid, its employees, and our customers. As we continue to process the vast amount of information, we will post something more comprehensive.

  5. Janey says:

    his hyper-feminist “equality advocacy” stuff crossed the line into stupid long ago.

    Political correctness run amuck once again.

  6. Roxie says:

    I appreciate your blow-by-blow analysis of this incident but you are over-the-top with your anger and how you personally attack this woman.

    Keep to the issues. You are too emotional about this…so typical for a man.

  7. Terrence Koeman says:

    It’s a shame that neither side can report or factcheck before going off and ‘reporting’ it.

    This article is riddled with factual errors and misinformation. If you spent 5 minutes using google it would have been immediately clear that for instance the part about shaming in the PyCon code of conduct was added to it in *response* to this drama and was not in it at the time and that only one developer was fired.

    On the other hand, you make no mention about the fact that the code of conduct prohibits harassing photography and that publishing a photo taken in a privately owned space is illegal.

    You also fail to see the actual problem: this drama has nothing to do with women, feminism or gender. This is about Adria being a hypocrit bully and misusing sexism as an excuse to rally her troops (which seems to be her MO) and then writing it up as if she is a hero (or Joan of Arc).

    The discussion (if there has to be one) should be about how to recognize and stop bullies using their PR skills for their own gain and at the expense of others.

    The PyCon organization is praised everywhere because of the private way in which they handled the situation, but personally I feel they should have warned Adria as well for publishing a harassing photograph of those developers.

    There was no need to publish the photograph, she was right there and could have (and did) point them out.

    She tried to wield the double edged sword of public opinion for her own gain, and got decapitated by it. Good for her.

    What is concerning to me is that most women writing about this issue jump on the sexism issue (even a columnist from Forbes) and end up directly supporting an irrational, remorseless, bully that used the sexism card where it was not warranted just so she could paint herself a hero, making them guilty of the same misuse of the sexism card.

    In the process they harm their cause immensely since it’s now clear to all of us men that followed the situation that any crazy bitch that is offended by *anything* (even when wrongly assumed or misunderstood) will get blind support from female columnists that are all too happy to re-publish the photo of those developers without permission, and thus being an accessory to the (unwarranted) public shaming.

    Lots of stereotypes about women in tech and feminist columnists have been publicly and clearly confirmed over the last couple of days. As a man, you’d be crazy talking to or be near women at such conferences or placing a woman in a male development team if this is what can happen to YOU too.

    I’ll wrap up my rant with this: I’m quite sure that women writing about this have hurt the position of women in tech infinitely more than Adria herself. Adria got what she deserved though.

    And would you asshole(s) PLEASE take down the photo of the two developers? They, unlike Adria, did not have a public function and they don’t deserve to be shamed again and again. It wasn’t cool for Adria to take it and publish it, and you’re just compounding her error.

    Sure, the photo is part of the news, but you could at least blur their faces, right?

    • theWocky says:

      Terrence, thank you for your criticism. Some valid points.

      I disagree with the part about “riddled with misinformation” – I would say the majority of it (aside from the user comments/tweets/photos) are pretty accurate.

      I concede this point – added/amended “On the other hand, you make no mention about the fact that the code of conduct prohibits harassing photography and that publishing a photo taken in a privately owned space is illegal.”

      The article was written as the story unfolded and the information at my disposal was conflicting and MOST of it was obtained from Google. I have attempted to amend as the story developed. For example, it originally appeared on forums as “two guys fired”

      In addition, the Amanda Plum story focuses on how she is a bully and misused her power – My angle on the news was about how we let these sensitive martyrs dictate our society. When I started the article, I hadn’t seen the Amanda Plum story and didn’t know this woman’s history.

      If you want to do your own angle, write your own blog. You don’t get to tell me what issue / angle I should have written about. My concern is how people like this are allowed to hold us to ransom for getting offended about every insignificant petty thing and society falling over to appease them.

      I did originally put a disclaimer at the bottom that this was a “draft”. I have, however, amended this a bit further.

      I agree regarding the photo and have immediately blurred their name-tags and any recognizable faces.

      I disagree that “all” men can be painted with one broad stroke. The feminists are wrong on this point. I, as a man, see a “person” and judge them on their intellect, not their gender.

      Thank you for your feedback – please pop a mail if there is anything else I can do to make this more accurate.

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